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Play as a friendly robot who just wants to give other robots high-fives! Jump through a level and high-five all the robots within to proceed to the next one.

The game is endless, with the length of the levels and the number of robots within increasing each time a level is cleared.

Controls (supports XInput controllers):

Arrow keys / D-pad / Left thumbstick - Move left and right

Space bar / A button - Jump

C key / X button - Attempt high five

Esc key / Start button - Pause game

Try jumping just before high-fiving for a slow-motion effect!

Satisfying fireworks celebrate your friendliness upon clearing a level.

Install instructions

After downloading the ZIP folder, extract it, and then double click the application (.exe) file named "GiveHighFivesToRobots" to play the game.


Give High Fives To Robots.zip 2 MB

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